Nov 8, 2023

Armite Lubricants: PartYard’s Go-To Partner for Reliable Lubricants

Armite Lubricants is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, rust penetrants, and various other specialty chemical compounds. The company has a long and distinguished history of supplying its products to the military, and its products are used in a wide variety of military applications.

Armite Lubricants products are known for their high performance, durability, and versatility. They are also formulated to be safe and easy to use. This makes them ideal for use in demanding military applications, where reliability and performance are critical.

Armite Lubricants and the Military

Armite Lubricants has a dedicated team of engineers who work closely with the military to develop and qualify new products for specific military applications.

Armite Lubricants products are used in a wide variety of military applications, including:

Aircraft engines
Landing gear
Weapons systems

Specific Examples of Armite Lubricants Products Used in the Military:

  • MIL907 Anti-Seize Compound: This compound is used to prevent seizing and galling in critical components of aircraft engines, landing gear, and other military equipment.
  • 12/34 Miracle Formula┬«: This penetrant and moisture remover is used to clean and protect metal surfaces in a variety of military applications.
  • LP-250 Sear Grease/Lube: This grease is used to lubricate sear pins in firearms, ensuring reliable operation under extreme conditions.

Armite Lubricants Commitment to the Military

Armite Lubricants is a proud partner of the military, and the company is committed to providing the highest quality lubricants and specialty chemical products to support the needs of the armed forces. The company’s products are used in a variety of critical military applications, and they play a vital role in ensuring the safety and success of military missions.
Armite Lubricants is a valuable asset to the military, and its products are essential for the success of a wide range of military operations. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its products, and its dedication to serving the military is unwavering.

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