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Mar 11, 2024

Collins Aerospace Delivers 3,000th F-35 Gen III Helmet-Mounted Display System

Collins Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace and defense solutions, has reached a significant milestone with the delivery of its 3,000th F-35 Gen III helmet-mounted display system to the Joint Strike Fighter force. This state-of-the-art technology, recognized as the world’s most advanced helmet-mounted display system, plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of pilots who safeguard the United States and its allies.

The F-35 Gen III system, developed in collaboration with Elbit Systems under the joint venture Collins Elbit Vision Systems (CEVS), boasts a next-generation user interface that serves as a pilot’s primary display system. It provides seamless access to vital flight, tactical, and sensor information day or night, empowering pilots with unparalleled situational awareness in combat zones.

Daniel Karl, co-general manager of CEVS, emphasized the commitment to pilot safety and readiness over the past three decades, stating, “The joint venture between Collins and Elbit Systems has kept pilots safe and battle-ready for nearly 30 years.” He highlighted the system’s ability to offer pilots in combat zones unmatched situational awareness, enabling faster decision-making with the critical information they need.

The 3,000th delivery marks a remarkable achievement for CEVS, having supplied more than 20,000 systems to warfighters and accumulated over 1 million flight hours on 40 different fighter aircraft platforms. This success underscores the crucial role played by Collins Aerospace in supporting the defense capabilities of the United States and its allies.

Jeff Hoberg, co-general manager of CEVS, celebrated the milestone by showcasing the recent unveiling of the Zero-G helmet system, which he described as “the most capable and safest helmet-mounted display system ever developed.” This innovative technology further solidifies Collins Aerospace and Elbit Systems’ commitment to advancing aviation solutions for the modern warfighter.

The achievement comes as Collins Aerospace, an RTX company, continues to be a key contributor to the defense industry and remains the largest employer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As the aerospace and defense landscape evolves, Collins Aerospace’s dedication to innovation and excellence continues to position the company at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the capabilities and safety of military personnel worldwide.

Take a closer look at the image above from Collins Aerospace, and you’ll notice the pilot of this F-35 combat jet donning a helmet with a display screen, crafted by Collins Aerospace. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly presents crucial information directly to the pilot, exemplifying the forefront of aerospace innovation.

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