Jun 20, 2024

Safran Unveils ACE Embedded AI System at Eurosatory 2024

Safran Electronics & Defense has introduced its latest innovation, the Advanced Cognitive Engine (ACE) artificial intelligence system, at Eurosatory 2024. The ACE system aims to incorporate AI capabilities across all Safran Electronics & Defense products, enhancing situational awareness, decision support, and reducing cognitive load for field forces.

The ACE system is designed to significantly improve target detection, classification, and identification by compensating for environmental factors like atmospheric turbulence and low-light conditions. It also offers advanced tracking and automatic target detection to ease the cognitive demands on users during missions. Adaptable to various environments—such as open landscapes, deserts, and junglesACE ensures optimal performance across different terrains.

Branded as “ACE on board,” this suite of capabilities will be integrated into a wide range of equipment, including land vehicles, aircraft, naval sights, and portable optronics products. ACE will also be embedded in Safran Electronics & Defense’s drones and robotic systems, enabling more efficient fleet management and operation.

Addressing the ethical implications of AI use, ACE ensures that users remain central to the decision-making and action processes.

“Discussing AI at this year’s event is both important and natural for us,” said Alexandre Ziegler, EVP of the Defense Division at Safran Electronics & Defense. “Leveraging our expertise in AI and high-tech imaging systems, we are delivering significant performance advancements for our customers.”

Initially, ACE’s capabilities will be available via an external processor, with plans to integrate them directly into equipment through dedicated electronics. To stay aligned with evolving operational needs, the ACE solution will receive biannual updates.

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