Innovating Together

PartYard is a renowned global contractor defense company, operating from multiple international offices. Our core areas of expertise encompass cutting-edge technology development, efficient acquisitions, and sustainable logistics.

We are dedicated to providing life cycle support for qualified systems, along with top-notch environmental services. Additionally, we excel in world-class procurement services for defense-related needs. At PartYard, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to meet the demands of the modern defense landscape.


  • Deliver top-notch products and services that meet our customers’ needs and standards.

  • Ensure timely delivery of these products and services as per our agreements.

  • Offer our customers the best quality and pricing in the market for our products and services.

  • Maintain exceptional communication with our clients to exceed their expectations.


  • Establish ourselves as the preeminent global enterprise.

  • Set the gold standard in delivering exceptional products, services, and solutions.

  • Consistently exceed the lofty expectations of our valued clients across the world.


At PartYard, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to upholding the highest standards in parts commercialization and the provision of military maintenance and repair services. We pledge to:

  • Exceed customer expectations by delivering top-quality parts, equipment, and exceptional maintenance and repair services within the military sector.

  • Adhere diligently to compliance obligations, including agreed delivery schedules, and all other pertinent requirements outlined by our customers.

  • Strive for constant enhancement by evaluating and refining our Quality Management System processes, meticulously following applicable requirements, and continuously bolstering the effectiveness of our implemented Management System.

Choosing Excellence

We possess a proven ability to present parts and services to the international military aftermarket in the most efficient and strategic manner. With the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, we have been recognized as one of the leading distributors of parts for aviation, naval, and land equipment for more than a decade.


Our Global Presence: