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Tailored Air Cargo Solutions for Every Need

At PartYard, we specialize in providing tailored air cargo solutions to meet your commercial and special cargo requirements. With a focus on convenience, reliability, and expertise, we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time, no matter the size or complexity of the shipment.

Our commercial charter services include:

  • Fast response and comprehensive service from our global charter sales team
  • Tailored flights to meet your specific requirements
  • Complete aircraft crew, maintenance, and insurance services
  • Assistance with landing/traffic permits, fuel planning, and flight permitting
  • Specialized expertise in handling dangerous goods and special loads
  • 24/7 customer service center for personalized support

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Efficient Air Freight Solutions

Global Cargo Delivery Excellence

Special Cargo: Flexible Solutions for Unique Shipments

Trust PartYard to handle your special cargo with care and precision. Our advanced fleet of aircraft is equipped to handle a wide range of cargo, from heavy and oversized items to perishables and high-value goods.

We specialize in transporting:

At PartYard, we have the expertise and equipment to handle heavy, bulky, and oversized cargo with precision and care. Whether it's large machinery, industrial equipment, or oversized components, we ensure safe and efficient transport to your desired destination.

Our advanced fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled systems to transport perishable goods such as fresh and frozen foods, flowers, and live plants. With meticulous attention to temperature management throughout the journey, we guarantee the integrity and freshness of your perishable cargo upon arrival.

PartYard understands the critical importance of transporting pharmaceuticals and medical supplies safely and securely. We adhere strictly to industry regulations and best practices to ensure the integrity and safety of these life-saving products throughout the transportation process.

When it comes to transporting dangerous goods,
safety is our top priority.
Our team is trained and certified to handle hazardous materials in accordance with international regulations outlined in the "Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

For high-value cargo, security is paramount. PartYard provides high-security service to safeguard valuable shipments throughout the transportation process. From advanced tracking and monitoring systems to secure handling procedures, we ensure the utmost protection for your high-value cargo.

Whatever your cargo needs may be, PartYard has the aircraft and expertise to deliver. Trust us to transport your goods safely and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

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