PartYard Military supplies a wide variety of replacement parts, avionics, accessories, repairs and overhauls. While we specialize in the European manufactured equipment, we can also support and service your specific requirements for non-European countries and assets as well.

PartYard Military offers a vast range of original specification accessories, electronic components, and hardware which conform to AN, MS, NAS, U.S. Government and military standards. We also provide raw materials such as production metals, plastics, composite materials, rubber and exotic alloys including inconel, hastelloy, magnesium and titanium for missile and aircraft applications.

PartYard Military supports a vast array of electrical components and sub assemblies, ranging from standard integrated circuits to complete detailed and programmed circuit board assemblies.

We specialize in hard to find components, such as relays, connectosm ciruit breakers, switches and cable assemblies, which can encompass either mil-spec or commercial grade production.

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