Our Supply Chain

Due to the long-standing experience and good co-operation with leading manufactures worldwide, PartYard Military has a qualified range of suppliers. Consignments of original spare parts from our hightly qualidied partners is what we can prove and guarantee for.


HENSOLDT is a global high-tech pioneer in the area of defence and security electronics and a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions. The brand develops new products for data management, robotics and cyber security by crosslinking existing expertise with software solutions.

  • Space
  • Air
  • Land
  • Sea
  • Security
  • Cyber

MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters offers the best-quality, best-value helicopters in the world; provides state-of-the-art technology to enhance operator value; offers total support of our products wherever and whenever it's needed;

  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Utility Services
  • Military
  • Legacy of Proven Combat Performance & Multi-Mission Capability

Zodiac Aerospace (Safran Group)

Safran is an expert in the fields of embedded systems and in-flight and on-ground safety, developing high-tech equipment and systems that perform essential functions on board aircraft.

  • Float & Raft Products
  • Life Vest Civilian
  • Life Vest Military
  • Pilot & Protection Equipments
  • Integrated Life Raft Into The Wings

Van Halteren

At Van Halteren we believe that there must be a challenge in everything we do. This sometimes means an extension or adjustment to an existing product or sometimes something completely new. Something that no-one has ever tried before. Something that encourages us to find creative solutions and above all which makes this fun to do.

  • H264 video at 4k at 30fps
  • H265 video at 30fps
  • 1/2.3’’ 12MP CMOS sensor
  • 20 mins flight time
  • 7 km control range
  • 65 km/h speed


Sightmark hits the heart of the optics market with pinpoint accuracy. Best-in-class performance and consumer-level pricing compliment a lifetime warranty to form an industry staple. From rugged red dots and riflescopes to best-selling night vision, Sightmark makes its mark in the hearts and minds of consumers by consistently delivering quality at a price that performs as well as its products.

  • Riflescope Basics
  • Riflescopes
  • Reticle Basics
  • Reflex & Red Dot Basics
  • Prismatic Sights
  • Reflex Sights
  • Red Dot Sights
  • Magnifiers
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Binoculars
  • Digital Riflescopes
  • Laser Sights
  • Laser Boresights


PCO S.A. is a company with over 40 years of experience. It is the biggest Polish producer of optoelectronic devices with use of night vision, thermal imaging and laser technology.

  • Sights
  • Nightvision goggles
  • Nightvision thermovisual binoculars
  • Nightvision periscopes
  • Modernisation sets for armoured vehicles
  • Laser warning systems
  • Night vision, thermal and day cameras
  • Integrated optoelectronic modules
  • Omnidirectional observation systems
  • Optoelectronic heads
  • Flight parametres display system

SSZ Camouflage Technology

SSZ Camouflage Technology
SSZ Camouflage Technology AG is an independent and leading development, service and distribution company based in Switzerland. SSZ Camouflage Technology AG offers the following key attributes:
• Flexibility and the ability to respond to customers’ specific needs
• Development partnership with leading companies and universities
• Ability to set new performance standards and meet customers’ specific needs in selected areas through research and development.

  • Riflescope Basics
  • Riflescopes
  • Reticle Basics
  • Reflex & Red Dot Basics
  • Prismatic Sights
  • Reflex Sights
  • Red Dot Sights
  • Magnifiers
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Binoculars
  • Digital Riflescopes
  • Laser Sights
  • Laser Boresights


Founded in 1961, SIAMIDIS is a family-owned company specialized in advanced technical textiles and garments.

  • Bulletproof vests
  • Soft Armor Panels
  • Covert Vests
  • Overt Vests
  • SIGMA T Quick Release
  • SIGMA T Full Spectrum
  • SIGMA Q Quick Release
  • Hard Armor: Ballistic Plates
  • Hard Armor: Ballistic Helmet

ACS - Alcohol Countermeasure Systems

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International) Inc. is an international group of companies with one common purpose: to promote road safety through industry-leading breath alcohol testing technology.

  • Certified reference materials
  • Breath alcohol tester
  • Alcohol ignition interlock
  • Passive breathalyzer
  • Alcohol screening system
  • Breath alcohol simulator
  • Professional breathalyzer
  • Multi-stage calibration station
  • Personal breathalyzer
  • Portable analysis device

Milrem Robotics

Milrem Robotics was established in 2013. Our mission is to provide innovative robotics solutions for challenging environments. We believe that our cutting-edge robotics solutions fulfil a higher purpose – enabling more meaningful lives.

  • 9 Countries using our UGVs
  • 11 Robotic systems developed
  • 10 Concepts in progress

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