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Machine Support Services

Machine Support Services is the global mechanical service provider for rotating equipment in marine propulsion installations, including:

  • Installation and inspection of drive line components
  • Pre-and post docking inspections of drive line equipment,
  • including repair plans
  • Trouble-shooting for vibration or temperature issues on
  • drive line components
  • Root-cause analysis on damaged drive line components

Machine Support Services provides the following services:

  • Alignment, chocking and mounting of rotating equipment and shaft components
  • On-site machining
  • 3D measurements
  • Vibration surveys (spot services)
  • Engineering services & ShaftDesigner software

Alignment services

  • Laser alignment of engines, generators and auxiliary equipment
  • Load inspections of shaft support bearings using jack load tests
  • Offset and slope of propeller shaft bearings using laser line bore measurements
  • Deformation of diesel engine crankshaft using crank web deflection measurements
  • Geometric alignment of thrusters and steering gears
  • Complete alignment of propeller shaft lines using strain gauges

Chocking services — Vibracon

  • Machinery mounting chock for easy and accurate alignment
  • Ideal for shaft generators, E-motors and shaft bearings
  • Quick installation and re-adjustable for quick realignment
  • Eliminates soft foot using angular and height adjustment
  • Available in Low-Profile, Standard and Treated versions

Chocking services — Epocast 36

  • Two-component pourable epoxy resin
  • Ideal for gearboxes, propulsion engines and stern tubes
  • Perfectly fitted chock, compensates uneven foundations
  • No need for machining of foundations
  • Excellent physical characteristics
  • Ideal replacement for conventional fitted steel chocks

Chocking services — Celloflex-M

  • Multi-layer epoxy-based coating system for protection of propeller shafts
  • Specially developed to protect outboard shaft sections in between bearing locations which are in contact with water
  • Protects the shafts from corrosion and external damaging
  • Excellent resistance to shaft torsion and shaft vibration

Mounting services

  • Mounting of single components, such as SKF OK hydraulic couplings, SKF / Cooper (split) roller bearings and Simplex stern tube bushes
  • Mounting of rotating equipment, such as intermediate bearings, gearboxes, engines, generators, etc.
  • Mounting of complete propulsion shaft lines
  • Often combined with our alignment & machining services

On-site machining services

  • Circular milling / turning of flanges up to 5 meters in diameter
  • Linear milling up to 3 meters in one setup
  • Commonly used during installation or repair of:
    • Slewing bearing foundations of thrusters and cranes
    • Foundations for diesel engines or pumps
    • Equipment with conventional fitted steel chocks
  • Line boring up to 1000mm in diameter
  • Commonly used during installation or repair of:
    • Stern tube bearing pockets
    • Bearing pockets in gearboxes and thrusters
    • Bearing pockets in medium to large size constructions
  • Often combined with 3D measurements for alignment of the tools
  • Drilling / turning / honing of bolt holes up to 120mm diameter
  • Machining of shafts up to 600mm diameter
  • Commonly used during installation and repair of:
    • Damaged coupling flange bolt holes
    • Damaged shafts in way of bearing or coupling mounting surfaces

3D measurements

  • Detailed dimensional inspections of small components and bearing pockets of small equipment using Faro Arm
  • Detailed dimensional inspections of bearing pockets in medium size equipment using Faro Tracker
  • Scan to CAD and CAD comparison (inspection / verification) of large size equipment using Faro Scanner

Vibration spot surveys

Troubleshooting and pre/post docking measurements to determine machinery condition and possible root cause for issues, including:

  • Mechanical issues, including unbalance, misalignment, bent shafts
  • Structural issues, including loose bolts, foundation weakness, soft foot, improper fit of components
  • Bearing degradation of roller bearings
  • Gear issues, including tooth wear, gear misalignment
  • Electrical issues on E-motors and generators
  • Cavitation / turbulence issues on pumps

Engineering services

Engineering services to support and enhance the in-situ mechanical services, including:

  • Bolting and chocking proposals for Vibracon and Epocast36
  • Alignment target calculations
  • Vibration analysis of measurement data, including machine conditions and recommended actions
  • Complete shaft line installation / alignment procedures
  • FEM modeling of propulsion shaft lines using ShaftDesigner software

ShaftDesigner software

3D FEM software for optimization and troubleshooting of marine propulsion installations, including:

  • Shaft alignment calculations to determine optimum alignment in all specified vessel conditions and reverse calculation of alignment measurement data to provide alignment corrections
  • Lateral, axial and torsional vibration calculations to determine critical running speeds and potential overload of shaft components


There’s a lot we all take for granted. We’re counting on trams, subway trains and buses to take us through our cities safely and sustainably. We trust water treatment facilities to supply us with fresh water, and the food industry to safeguard us from allergens and bacteria. We expect wind farms to keep our lights on, and cars to be electric. There are a million other every day needs to satisfy – and a planet to take care of.

In a world shaped by population growth, urbanization, digitalization and environmental concerns, industrial reality is the true challenge. And that’s exactly where we at SKF want to be. Right at the centre, providing reliable rotation for the real world.

Our expertise is built on the development, design and manufacture of bearings, seals and lubrication systems. And we also provide machine health assessment, engineering and remanufacturing services. But what we’re really offering is an arena for innovation – an opportunity for our customers to use the tools we provide to explore, improve or rethink the performance of their rotating equipment. A place where even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference.